Hot Trends in Biotech Conference Planning

A cardinal rule, whether researching a news story or planning an event, is that you have to answer a series of questions, known as the 5 W’s, to arrive at a fully fleshed out story or successful event function. Simply stated, the five W’s address who, what, when, where, and why of the function. For event planners in the San Francisco Bay area looking to organize successful biotech events, understanding the hot trends within the biotech industry is the starting point in answering those five questions.

Specifically, what do members of the biotech industry or your biotech company need to succeed during that next conference? Who is your target audience? What is the primary take away from the event? When will the event take place? Where is the event to be held? Finally, why each component of your event will have a specific purpose

Provide a Roadmap of Biotech Event Attendee Flow

Ensuring that an event goes off without a hitch mandates organizational skill and prior planning. Nothing is more disconcerting than being in a strange environment without a clear idea of what to expect next during the course of the day.

The remedy for this ailment is providing a clear program that will serve as the event’s roadmap to the day’s proceedings. Moreover, now is not the time to hide your organizational skills under a bush. Rather, attendees of the biotech conference venue should have ready access to this information, so be sure to share this information widely to event hosts, attendees, vendors, and any other party that has a stake in the event’s success.

While our digital age makes it easy to share this information in advance of the date, also remember that paper mediums still have a place in dissembling information. As such, do not shy away from prominent placement of poster board-sized itineraries on the venue floor and readily available for all to access.

AV and Lighting Considerations For a Biotech Conference

The biotech event venue, by its very nature, will be heavy on the science side of things, so having your technological game on point could prove critical when it comes to ensuring the proper equipment and setting is available for effective presentations.

As part of the planning portion of the event, reach out to the presenters and hosts to ascertain what AV resources will be required at the biotech conference center. The myriad of things that we take for granted living in a highly technological society, everything from electricity to broadband access, is in all likelihood readily available, but the last thing you want to do is risk your biotech events owing to sloppy follow through work.

Meal Planning Keeps Thoughts on Track

As Napoleon Bonaparte once sagely noted, “An army marches on its stomach.” A close corollary to this military reality is that biotech executives and attendees of your biotech conference venue also respond well to snacks and this intellectual army also moves on its stomach.

As such, when making arrangements for your successful biotech conference, ensure that there is room on the schedule and eating venues in the area, in which to meet this most basic of needs. Should eateries not be readily available however, you will want to incorporate space and budgetary conditions into your plans with a local catering service.

Staying Secure in an Insecure World

An important consideration in any successful conference or event is keeping everyone in attendance safe and secure. As events can potentially bring in thousands of participants, close coordination with local government officials can help in all aspects of the event from traffic control to venue security. An important component of your biotech event, your security precautions should operate seamlessly like a computer program operating behind the scenes. Always discuss any security concerns with the planning host, but commonsense measures as mentioned above should keep your event safe. At the South San Francisco Conference Center, we regularly host higher security events in the biotech and other industries – ask us how to set up a successful and secure event.

The Perfect Biotechnology Conference

Planning the perfect biotechnology conference means understanding your event’s specific needs and delivering them in a safe and secure environment. Your biotech conference venue will succeed if you answer the five W’s, and deliver the goods on the day of the event.

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