Seven Tips for Planning an Incredible Training Conference

Training events are an important opportunity to share knowledge, build relationships an add value to attendees.

Yet planning a business training event requires myriad program details, logistics and communications to be successful. Event planners, whether corporate-based or independent contractors, need the right location and support to hold a successful training conference or convention.

Training and education events run the gamut across professions. No matter what you’re planning, space matters, which is why knowing the best CPA training venues, real estate training conference venues or healthcare event venues matters to event planners.

Here are 7 tips for creating an exceptional training event in the ideal San Francisco conference space.

1. Choose the Right Venue

The ideal training center venues are those that can accommodate all of your event needs, from large spaces for keynote sessions to breakout meeting rooms for conferences of any size. You’ll need space for multiple sessions occurring simultaneously, parking, and space for exhibits or vendor showcases. No matter what venue you choose, it’s critical to have one that meets your distinct conference needs.

2. Have Good Dining Choices

When choosing San Francisco meeting rooms, be sure to consider dining. You’ll want good choices for on-site catering from a site that can handle the size and scope of your dining needs. A venue that has on-site catering will make it much easier to keep attendees together and connected and will eliminate lost time from sending hundreds if not thousands people off-site and then trying to get them back in a timely fashion.

3. Be Sure Your Venue is Secure

Many training sessions occur in major cities. You need to be sure that your location is secure and safe for attendees, with ample on-site staff to make sure that attendees are safe and protected. You also want to be sure that the site takes health protocols seriously and are using hygienic personal practices and cleaning regimens.

4. Consider Business Services Needs

Hosting a training convention can get expensive quickly. You want to look for a venue that has all of the necessary business services on-site. Consider the number of presentations, handouts, lighting and sound setups and audio visual needs necessary to create a great training conference. Inevitably, there’ll be last-minute changes, photocopies and edits to be done. Having an on-site business center an in-house audio visual teams makes it easier to handle these urgent needs.

5. Schedule Wisely

When you’re scheduling your conference, you want to consider both the time of the year, the time of the week and the time of the day. Scheduling winter conferences in warmer venues may attract attendees who live in colder parts of the country, for example. Think about how much time out of the office attendees will want to spend, if they’re attend or travel on a weekend day, and how easy and long it will take for folks to get there. Venues near convenient airport locations or near public transportation will be greatly appreciated.

6. Who is Attending?

Consider your attendee list and what they will need. Is the training session for senior leaders or new professionals? Are they predominantly coming from one background? To be sensitive to your audience, think about what the composition of your audience means for accommodations, timing for events, meal choices and programming options.

7. Think outside the Venue

As important as it is to have lots of quality time together at a training conference, you also will be visiting a cool locale, one that some attendees will have never seen. Think about activities your attendees can do in the area to give people a break from the training and unforgettable experiences in a new city.

At the South San Francisco Conference Center, we offer an ideal location for your next training event. With 20,500 square feet of space, we offer complimentary wireless access, private office space for your event staff, and complimentary shuttles to local transportation hubs, and a convenient location. Our on-site catering staff, audio visual team and telecommunications support provide one-stop services for your entire event. When you’re looking for a San Francisco training event location, turn to our team to help your team plan a great event.