Biotech Conference Venue For Events

Plan your biotech or life sciences conference with us in South San Francisco. 

Conference Center & Meeting Venue For Biotech Conferences

Planning a successful conference in the biotech or life sciences industry depends on several factors including planning, execution and the attendee experience.  Multi day conferences tend to be the favored style for biotech conferences however more recently hybrid meetings and alternative meeting options have become important to consider when planning your event. 

At the South San Francisco Conference Center, we regularly host biotech companies and industry associations in the life sciences as they hold their quarterly or annual events.   With these ideas below, you will successfully plan your conference or expo and your attendees will be happy to attend a future event again.

Does the venue fit the event?

With so many venue options to consider for your event, having flexibility in large space down to break out rooms, a venue like ours gives you plenty of options for your biotech event. In addition to the venue characteristics, the location of a venue is critically important for your attendees in terms of travel and things to do in the area. Consider the fact that many people may stay a few days before or after if they are traveling - or if they’re local, they will want to have an easily accessible location. 

Content and Network Plans = Better Event Experience

By planning ahead with content and speaker needs - an event planner can begin to create an inventory of rooms and spaces that they will need for their biotech conference.  Many biotech events held at our conference center include the need for smaller networking and meeting space, specific security needs, and larger expo hall needs.  

Easy Biotech & Life Science Event Planning Tips

Planning an event many months or a year into the future means that you need flexibility.  At our conference center, we have clear policies for adjustments or cancellations - especially with the current meeting climate - it’s critical to understand what the policies are for your event.  Ensure that you have plenty of time for speaker outreach so that your speakers will have time to plan their attendance. Event staff training is also important for a smooth day of event experience for planners and attendees - we will gladly work with your team or group of volunteers to ensure that they have the tools they need to successfully interact with attendees. Security at your event is likely critical and we have proper procedures for a secure feeling for your attendees.  As the biotech and life sciences industry typically requires higher security, contact us early to determine your event security needs. 

Planning your biotech event in South San Francisco can be a great way to take advantage of the Bay Area’s beautiful setting and proximity to many biotech, venture capital and other entrepreneurial companies.  When you’re ready to plan your event, we’re ready to work with you.  Call Kathy Kearney to start planning: 650.877.5205