Event Planning For The New Year

Are you planning an event for the new year?  Maybe you’re a seasoned event planner or planning an event for the first time, either way, we have some great tips that event planners use to make sure their event is successful. 

Budgeting For Your Event

Deciding on a budget is an important foundational item to do when you begin planning.  Everyone wants to stretch their budget so they can do as much as possible with their given budget.  But, it is wise to leave some room for unexpected details or increased costs. Food costs or other non-fixed cost items can sometimes cost more as the event date comes closer.  

Choosing an Event Venue For Your Event

Choosing the right venue can take a lot of pressure off you and your event planning team.  The right venue for an event, party, expo, or social event means that you have a team of professional meeting planners on your side – and at the South San Francisco Conference Center, you can tap into our decades of experience in event planning.  We will help you decide the best configuration for your event.  If it’s a multi day event with multiple rooms, that can seem daunting to plan out – but we will help you with the best possible event flow planning.  

Less Stressful Event Planning

Minimizing last minute updates and changes will take a lot of stress off your mind as the event date comes closer. Sometimes it’s tempting to make decisions closer to the event, but the best solution is to make a decision early with the intention of changing if needed – at least you will have something in the works. Detailed contracts make a big difference between a smooth event and a scattered event.  Event planners know what they want and event professionals know what they can deliver.  Finding the right way to contract with each other is important, whether it’s a venue contract, food contract or other event services contract. 

Planning your event is a fun and exciting process and we hope these ideas help you create a seamless and memorable event!