Planner Tips: Sports Expo & Running Event Planning

Sports expos, packet pickups for running events and athletic industry expos can be challenging to plan. In addition to comparing sports expo venues or other venues, event planners need to pay close attention to several other details. A careful planning process can help ensure that your next sports or athletic event is successful, whether it’s an expo, conference or meeting. The following planning tips can help you prepare this type of event.

Event Attendee Flow

Part of the planning process for sports expos, athletic industry conferences and running events is arranging the right event attendee flow. Making sure that attendees are able to enter the expo or conference with ease, move from one area to the next smoothly and exit the building helps reduce the risk of crowding. When you plan attendee flow, consider how many attendees your event is expected to have and where attendees will be going during your event. Setting up the right flow can improve attendee experience and prevent slow-moving lines and other issues.

Sports Event Security

Keeping attendees safe at your sports expo, athletic industry meeting or running event expo is one of the most important parts of planning this type of event. When you explore sports or running event expo venue options, find out what kinds of security features the building has. You might choose to hire extra security for your event for added peace of mind, such as if you’re expecting a large number of attendees.

Audio/Visual Equipment For Sports Expos

A/V equipment, such as projectors, large-screen displays and video players might be a necessity at your sports expo or athletic industry meeting. You might also need accessories for presentations, such as a speaker timer or laser pointer. Determining the types of A/V equipment and accessories you need ahead of time can help you narrow down your options for sports industry conference venues. Keep in mind that you choosing a venue that offers this type of equipment can help your expo or conference go smoothly.

Lighting Needs for Athletics Expos

When planning a running event or sports expo, think about the kind of lighting you’ll need. A running event might not need special lighting if attendees are simply stopping by to pick up information packets. An athletic industry meeting or conference might need lighting for presentations, while a sports expo might need more elaborate or impressive lighting, such as when new products are being showcased. When choosing a venue, look for one that can accommodate your lighting needs.

Meals For Sports Focused Events

Meals might not be necessary for a packet pickup event where attendees aren’t staying long. However, offering meals at a longer event, such as an expo, meeting or conference, can be a smart choice. If you’re planning to include meals at your event, consider looking into sports conference venues that offer catering. Having a venue that provides catering services means you won’t have to find and hire an outside caterer. This can save you time and money while also making it easier for you to plan meals for your event. You can work directly with the venue to choose the right menu, depending on the time of day your meeting or conference takes place.

Printing & Planning For Sporting Events

Whether you’re planning a packet pickup for a running event or handing out brand or product information at an athletic conference or meeting, having your printed materials available is an important part of your event. With all of the other elements involved in the planning process, this might be easy to overlook. Finding San Francisco packet pick up venues or athletic industry conference venues that offer this type of service can be highly convenient. Check for venues that offer high-quality laser printing or photocopying, so that all of the printed materials you need will be on site and ready to hand out.

If you’re exploring SF event space options for your next sports expo, running event or athletic industry expo, please contact South San Francisco Conference Center today.