Event Planner Considerations in 2021

Anticipation in 2021 for successful and safe events is high – and as we move into 2021, there are questions that you will want to consider when you plan your next big event.  

In the event planning industry and event venue management industry, there have been a plethora of updates to how events should be managed including safety, style of set up, capacity, and hybrid versus fully in person considerations.   

Will virtual events become part of your planning process?   If you have enjoyed virtual events with your business or association, these types of meetings will likely remain to be an important way to meet.  Are there elements of these meetings that are missing that you feel may have value if they were done in person?  Many people that we talk to are excited to be back with human interaction and the ability to truly check-in with someone that they care about in person.   We see this being a driving force for smaller events in 2021 that allow a safe meeting environment while satisfying our human needs for in person interaction.

Are you considering the varied comfort levels of participants?  Across the country many states,cities and towns have varied levels of containment with COVID-19. This means that people whom may be traveling across state lines to your event may have different levels of safety expectations and comfort levels.  As you plan for 2021, take a poll of your attendees to truly understand where their comfort level lays.  You may find that more localized events are a big part of 2021.  Businesses and associations in the San Francisco Bay area that seek a local venue for an event will enjoy the South San Francisco Conference center’s closeness and  local amenities.  

Communication tools and technology are more important than ever.  In a world where event attendees are likely to have reduced touch and physical interaction, technology bridges the gap for their ability to connect.  Whether it’s the format of the event or a specialized app, the ability to connect digitally in 2021 will be an important trend and need for event planners to consider. How can you help your attendees connect better with others that are attending your event?  If your event is a private event, how will you deliver an exceptional experience from pre-event timelines through to the event wrap up?

With these changes in 2021 event planning and management, you will want to ensure that you have an open feedback loop with your participants.  Consider looking at an engagement scoring tool or polling tool that allows you to see real-time experience feedback during your event.  Additionally, technological needs will need to be met by your team and having someone that is dedicated to those needs will make your event be more smooth.

When you’re ready to talk about these ideas, our event management team will help you with the details to ensure a great event in 2021. 

We are already booking many dates well into 2021, consider a call with Kathy Kearney to talk about your event options in 2021: (650) 877-8787