New North Church Teams Up With Us To Grow Their Community

We have the unique opportunity to work with local community businesses and organizations as they transition and adjust their operations. 

New North Church recently started holding church service at the South San Francisco Conference Center.  We were able to chat with Michelle Lee, the Operations Manager, about how their experience has been as they continue to connect with the community and see through with their mission.

The church is about 3 years old and previously was part of a local established church for the past 9 years.  New North Church was looking for a new space to move their operations into and wanted to keep their options open in case an opportunity to rent or lease became a reality.  During 2020, the church reached out to Mary at the South San Francisco Conference center to look at options for the 1,200 person church.  With current COVID-19 guidelines, meetings of 50 or less people are required.  They found our space to be very accommodating and versatile for their needs and enjoyed the ease of working with the team and conducting operations for the day-of service events. Getting in and closing out of the Sunday morning and afternoon events are easy with the location of the conference center.  The AV team had everything that they needed, including a breadth of knowledge and equipment to make a great experience happen for their members.   With local vendor connections available, the church is able to utilize trusted vendors that provide high quality service and quick turnaround time. 

Michelle shares that the facilities manager and her technical director loved working together and were able to streamline the operations of the church on the first Sunday together. 

Critically important to a successful church service are the stage presence, signing and music – all requiring various AV equipment and stage needs. New North Church utilizes the main ballroom and side portions to create a memorable experience.  Social distancing protocols are present and the South San Francisco Conference Center is ready to ensure safe operations for any event!  

After the first weekend of church services feedback has been wonderful including how clean the space was, how well social distancing practices worked, and how nice it was for many people to get back to connecting in person.  

Over the next 6 months, the church plans to grow and expand church services.  The church will expand beyond the adult congregation and bring in student ministries which include junior and high school aged members  Age specific services are important for the health and growth of the community and Pre-school services will also be reactivated.  The Beta Room and Oyster Room look like the best fit for age specific ministries. 

Linda Lee, the executive director of the church, is also working with the SSF Conf team to create growth and awareness strategies for the church.  The South San Francisco Conference Center and New North Church remain committed to servicing the local community and ensuring a safe place for events and meeting remains open for maintaining social connections. 

Learn more about the New North Church or register for an upcoming service.