Planning the perfect 50 person corporate event or meeting

When planning a smaller corporate event the most important aspect to nail down early will be your goals of the event.  Once you know your goals of the event, you can begin to build the physical event needs and catering needs. Ask yourself, why are we hosting this event?  Why will people come to the event and what experience do we hope that they will have?

Planning ahead right now is critical, especially as public spaces start to fill up with events. While holding a virtual meeting has it’s benefits – there’s no replacing the in-person connections and experience that a meeting can bring out.  At the South San Francisco Conference Center, we are actively adhering to current state and county guidelines for event safety and capacity requirements.   When planning your event’s date, take into consideration things that could affect the turn out such as traffic, time of day, time of the year, overlap with holiday weekends, etc.

An estimate of how many people will attend is important. If the event is private, then you can generally have a commitment from attendees early on.  If the event will be public, then we highly recommend getting commitments and payment (if it’s a paid event) as soon as possible while being flexible with attendees.  

Event planning budgets are important and there are certainly event costs that you may not think about on the surface.  In fact vendor outreach can be time consuming, but can pay off if you create the right type of partnerships.  Design and marketing for your event will also take time and a special eye for aesthetics. Day of event set up and break down is also an important cost to consider – oftentimes a smaller event may employ volunteers and in doing so, it’s important to have a singular person in charge of communicating and motivating volunteers.

Creating an amazing event experience really does start with the event venue and finding the perfect event starts here.  We plan hundreds of events each year and have a team that will help you find the best layout and design for your event.