Chris DeGrande & Team Bring Family Values and Forward Thinking Cuisine To Our Conference Center

Chris DeGrande and his team continue the legacy started by his father Ron by creating awe inspiring culinary creations and experiences at the South San Francisco Conference Center.  Chris and his team are the in house caterers for the conference center and have recently purchased a new food truck.  In 1996, the family owned business started working with the conference center, creating menu items for any event type and size.  Fast forward to now, and many of Chris’ team members have been with the company for decades including the head chef Mikey Ramirez, going on 27 years and building his own legacy in South San Francisco.

Growing up in the business, Chris was able to take on big tasks with his family and make a name for themselves early on.  When they started at the conference center, it was a great challenge to figure out logistics, problem solve and ultimately create incredible culinary creations for special events. Chris even notes one day when the power went out and the team was scrambling to preserve the food and ensure a successful event!

Chris likes that he and his team are always pushed to grow, both in business and personally.  Working with family creates all types of dynamics and it’s something that he loves.  In fact several team members’ families have expanded over the past 3 decades and those families remain close to the family business. 

The catering team at the conference center is known for their ability to adapt and create any type of food for the occasion.  Head Chef Mikey learned within the business without any formal training, but has been able to create the best food from cultures around the world. In fact the catering team is often asked if they have native chefs from certain cultures because the food is so authentic!

Recently Chris and his team were forced to shift their business model to a food truck to extend the business and keep employees working which is something they will continue to do when everything returns to normal. During these uncertain times being unique in the area is important right now  Chris and his team are always looking to break the mold and try new things including a special meal every 2 weeks as a special dinner. 

The catering team loves to work with the community through donations and recently won the Mayor’s award in 2002 and 2018 to recognize their community involvement.

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