Wedding Planning Tips For 2023

If you’re planning on meeting your beloved at the altar to exchange vows at some point during 2023, you’re in luck — weddings are back in a big way. Here’s how you can make the absolute most of your big day. 

Identify Your Big Picture Vision

The very first step in creating the wedding of your dreams is identifying your big-picture vision. Themed weddings are making a comeback if our radar concerning 2023 wedding trends is on target, so you might consider a Northern California theme involving everything from the region’s iconic redwoods to classic California cuisine and locally produced wines. This could mean a solemn ceremony under the redwoods followed by reception festivities at a California wedding venue with plenty of local wines and fresh, locally sourced seasonal fare. Or perhaps you’d rather have the ceremony and the ensuing reception at the same location. This is often the preferred option of those who plan to include a lot of out-of-town guests on their invitation list. 

Create a Budget

Creating a workable budget is probably the most boring part of wedding planning, but it’s necessary because it provides a foundation for your wedding plans. Having a budget helps narrow down your venue and entertainment choices. Be sure to leave some wiggle room in your budget for unexpected twists and turns — a certain degree of this is unavoidable.

Establish Priorities

Establishing priorities is probably the most important part of successfully planning a wedding. A couple may agree on a big picture vision and be able to craft a budget that works for both of them, but they may find it more challenging to navigate priorities. Ask yourselves whether a great band is more important than top-shelf Champagne, or whether that elaborate wedding cake can be toned down some to create some financial breathing room to accommodate the extra number of guests that your partner has his or her heart set on.

2023 Wedding Trends

Wedding trends for 2023 are still just a faint glimmer on the horizon, but we suspect a return to relative normal in the wake of the waning pandemic will inspire elaborate festivities. Be prepared for over-the-top opulence when it comes to wedding attire, so look for lots of luxurious fabrics such as silk and satin. Wedding planning trends are also pointing toward long receptions with plenty of old-school feasting, dancing, and general revelry. People want to get out and celebrate again after the past couple of years, so it’s a great time to plan a big wedding followed by a reception with all the trimmings.

Wedding Planning Tips

Even the most organized and focused couples can benefit from the expertise of a professional wedding planner. As an added bonus, a good wedding planner can circumvent the usual issues that cause friction among family members on either side who have conflicting ideas concerning the type of wedding it should be. 

Please feel free to reach out to our San Francisco wedding venue if you’re seeking inspiration for your upcoming ceremony and reception. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may and help you craft a picture perfect wedding.