The Secrets Of a Successfully Planned Event

Planning an event involves the clever employment of logistics in an array of areas. You’ll need a team to help coordinate an event plan, secure vendors, and more. Event logistics requires a good deal of planning and management of logistical and technical support services that allow an event to run smoothly. Here are a few event planning tips to pull off a large gathering.

Conference Registration

When planning an event steps should begin with preparing a mode of registration and collecting fees if they are required for attendance. This may not be necessary for a small or informal gathering like a wedding, but securing an online transaction purveyor to keep track of registrants may be essential when hosting a conference or exhibition with multiple vendors.

Plan for Delivery & Set Up of Event Essentials

Regardless of the type or size of gathering being hosted, the event planning checklist will need to cover obtaining materials and supplies, having them delivered and getting them in place. Those holding their event at a full-service venue like the South San Francisco Conference Center, these details will be arranged for by your event coordinator and their team.

Food and Catering

If food is to be served, arrangements must be made for onsite catering or food delivery. Most purveyors will provide customized options for menus, so be mindful to include dishes that are vegan-friendly and a few options for those with dietary restrictions. Should your event be scheduled at the South San Francisco Conference Center, we have a state-of-the-art culinary team in our kitchen who serve up homemade dishes from locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients.

Lodging and Travel Options

Attendees of events coming from out of town will want to know how to get to the location, where to stay and how to get around the area during their travels. Be sure to offer guests access to resources that share local accommodation options, public transit and nearby attractions to ease their stay while attending the event. At the South San Francisco Conference Center, we have agreements with a number of local hotels and offer complementary shuttle services to nearby major attractions and transportation stations.

Plan for Staging & Production

For sizeable events and presentations, there is likely going to be a need for audio video equipment and services of some type, and platforms or lighting might be great additions, as well. Our event planners work with a local A/V production and staging company that has the equipment and knowledge necessary to make your event stand out.

Having in-house audio visual services set up and staged the day before the event is a smart move when holding early morning and mid-afternoon events. Our partners can also provide emcees, disc jockeys and have operators that can be on hand during events to manage lighting and sound as well as be ready to handle any snags that might arise.

We Are a Full-Service Conference Center in San Diego

From on-site catering with custom menus to audio visual services and set-up services, the event services team at the South San Francisco Conference Center will collaborate with you to create a remarkable experience for you and your guests. With more than 20,000 square feet of conference rooms and space for rent, our facilities are perfect for corporate meetings, conventions, receptions and special events of all sizes. Contact us today to discuss your event planning ideas and find out how we can help!