Planning a Wedding in 2020? Ask these 12 Questions for a Smooth Event

Are you planning a wedding 2020? We’re offering up 12 important questions to ask about your wedding venue before putting down a deposit. 

If you are planning a Wedding in 2020, make sure to ask these 12 questions for a smooth event.

Getting hitched in 2020? There are few better ways to kick off a new decade, in our opinion. To make sure those butterflies in your stomach are flutters of excitement and not stress, we’re offering up 12 important questions to ask your wedding venue before putting down a deposit. So, when the big day comes, you can focus on your I-do’s, and stop thinking about those pesky to-do’s.

Get the non-negotiables out of the way first.  

1. Do you have my wedding date available?

Have a couple or few dates you deem acceptable to increase your chances of securing your venue of choice.

2. What costs are associated?

Have your budget ready to share too. A candid conversation about your budget will help the venue understand where they might be able to make adjustments to fit your needs.

Now, let’s talk logistics.

3. What’s the venue’s proximity to local amenities?

Location is important to consider, especially if you have out of town guests. Is it near the airport and hotels? What else is nearby? If you’re ceremony isn’t at the same location as the reception, how close are they to one another?

4. What is the venues capacity?

Consider the size of the venue in relation to your number of guests. Obviously, your venue needs to be able to safely hold all of your attendees and on the other side of the coin, it shouldn’t be so large that your wedding will feel empty or impersonal. The venue will be able to guide you in thinking this through.

5. What supplies does the venue have on-site and what do I need to bring in?

Is your venue a blank slate or does it already have certain essentials? Don’t make any assumptions about what is included. From chairs and tables, to flatware and a place to dance; get clear on what you need to bring in versus what the venue makes available for your use. (Oh, and if the venue has it – ask if it will cost extra to use).

Still on board? Then, let’s get into the details

6. Do you offer any in-house services? Do you work with any preferred vendors?

Working with a venue that offers in-house services such as catering and A/V can be extremely convenient and cost effective. Not to mention, can cause things to run much smoother than bringing in yet another outside vendor to coordinate logistics with. Consider your venues preferred vendors when possible as well. The fact that they already have a relationship with the venue means they’ve earned their trust already, know the ropes of the venue, and will likely give you a better deal because of the volume of business they get as a result of that relationship.

7. What is your process for handling out of town couples?

If you’re planning your wedding from a distance, you’re probably going to need additional support. Talk to them about their experience working with out of town couples and how the process will be handled.

8. Do you have any relationships with local hotels? 

Whether you’re coming from out of town or you have guests that are, securing a hotel block or at least providing hotel recommendations will be expected. Some larger or more established venues may offer discounts to nearby hotels which could result in significant savings.

Who will be my point of contact leading up to my wedding and who will be on staff the day-of?

Nail down your point of contact so you know who to reach out to as questions arise. Also ask who will be on staff day of (this doesn’t have to be the exact individual, but rather what functions) so you know what’s being handled and what needs to be delegated to close family and friends.  

Icing on the Cake

10.  What is a strength/perk/benefit of your establishment that you feel many couples overlook or don’t take advantage of?

It’s the little things that can make your day extra special. Why not ask your venue coordinator or wedding planner questions about their own observations? After all, they see people go through this process all the time.

11.  Are there any common pitfalls of planning you often see, that would be easy to avoid if only couples knew?

Sometimes you just have to ask and you’ll get important insight into how best to avoid those “I wish I had/hadn’t” moments.

We’re ready to help you plan your special day.

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