Testing Site For Certification & Educational Testing

We are an ideal location for educational testing and certification completion assessments.

Local testing site in The bay area

Planning a successful testing environment for healthcare, education or professional services testing depends on several factors including having the right spacing, planning, execution and the attendee experience.  Whether you are planning for small groups or hundreds to thousands of attendees, we can help you space out and create a plan for safe test taking practices.

At the South San Francisco Conference Center, we regularly host healthcare associations and companies as students compete their CNA licenses, home care testing, etc.  Additionally students taking standardized tests utilize our conference center.  Professional legal, real estate and other licensed organizations utilize our testing room capabilities.    With these ideas below, you will successfully plan your testing environment in a safe and effective way.

Local and Accessible Testing Site For Certifications

With so many venue options to consider for your site testing, having flexibility in large space down to break out rooms, a venue like ours gives you plenty of options for your testing and certification event. In addition to the venue characteristics, the location of a venue is critically important for your attendees in terms of travel and access. 

Many different organizations and companies use our event space for their testing including: medical certification, healthcare certification, educational testing & assessments, notary public testing, real estate license and financial planning tests, accounting and finance assessments, school and standardized testing, and many more!

Planning your certification testing event in South San Francisco can be a great way to take advantage of the Bay Area’s beautiful setting and proximity to many schools, healthcare and financial companies.  When you’re ready to plan your event, we’re ready to work with you.  Call Kathy Kearney to start planning: 650.877.5205