Navigating the Best Event Planning Conferences in the United States

From our unique vantage point as a busy Bay Area event space, we’ve had the privilege of both hosting and observing a multitude of conferences across various industries. When it comes to the realm of event planning itself, the United States hosts an impressive array of conferences designed to inspire, educate, and connect professionals in this dynamic field. This article explores some of the best event planning conferences in the United States, offering insights into what makes each of them stand out.

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) World Education Congress

The MPI World Education Congress is renowned for being a melting pot of innovation, learning, and networking opportunities for meeting and event professionals. This conference not only features educational workshops led by industry leaders but also showcases the latest trends and technologies in event planning. The interactive sessions and keynote speeches are meticulously designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of attendees, making it a must-attend event for professionals looking to elevate their event planning game.

The Special Event (TSE)

TSE stands as a premier conference and tradeshow for event professionals, offering a comprehensive overview of the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the industry. With a rich program that includes educational sessions, a bustling exhibition floor, and numerous networking opportunities, TSE caters to a wide range of professionals from corporate event planners to wedding planners. The hands-on workshops and live event demonstrations provide invaluable insights into creating memorable events that captivate and engage audiences.


Eventex has carved out a niche for itself as a global leader in showcasing the cutting-edge of event technology and innovation. With a strong emphasis on creativity and effectiveness, this conference brings together some of the brightest minds in the event industry to share their expertise and experiences. Attendees can expect to delve into case studies of award-winning events, participate in interactive workshops, and explore the latest event tech solutions that are shaping the future of event planning.


Cvent CONNECT is the ultimate conference for event professionals who leverage technology to enhance their event experiences. This conference is particularly valuable for those interested in understanding how digital tools and solutions can streamline event management processes and elevate attendee engagement. With a mix of educational sessions, product demonstrations, and networking opportunities, Cvent CONNECT is a pivotal gathering for staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of event technology.

IMEX America

IMEX America stands out as one of the largest meetings and event industry trade shows in the United States, bringing together thousands of professionals from across the globe. The conference features a vast exhibition space, packed with suppliers from every sector of the event industry, from venues and destinations to technology and event services. The comprehensive educational program, covering topics from event design to sustainability in events, makes IMEX America a treasure trove of insights and ideas for forward-thinking event professionals.

Event Planner Expo

The Event Planner Expo in New York City is an essential conference for event professionals seeking to network with top influencers and decision-makers in the industry. This expo not only offers a platform for discovering new vendors and services but also features keynotes and panel discussions with leading experts in the field. The focus on building strategic partnerships and exploring new business opportunities makes this event a key date in the calendar for event planners looking to expand their horizons.

BizBash Live

BizBash Live events, held in various cities across the United States, are curated to inspire and empower event professionals with fresh ideas and insights. These one-day conferences are packed with innovative workshops, panels, and networking opportunities designed to spark creativity and enhance event strategy. Whether it’s exploring the latest in event decor or uncovering new approaches to attendee engagement, BizBash Live offers a vibrant platform for professional growth and inspiration.

Where will you go next?

Staying informed about the latest trends, technologies, and best practices is crucial for success in the event planning industry. The United States hosts a diverse array of event planning conferences that cater to this need, offering opportunities for education, inspiration, and networking. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, attending these conferences can provide invaluable insights and connections that help elevate your events to the next level. At the South San Francisco Conference Center, we understand the power of coming together to share knowledge and experiences, and we encourage event professionals everywhere to explore these conferences as avenues for growth and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of event planning.